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My February column posted today, check it out! Choosing a Confirmation Name


I know we’ve talked about them before, but if you have more to say about Confirmation names, please do! And if you think this article would be helpful to anyone making their Confirmation this spring, please share it (I wrote it with teens in mind).


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  1. I was received into the church last year and am in my 30’s. I was super methodical about the choice! I got a book on women saints, and after a first read, narrowed it down to 15. I’m so glad I started 6 months out because I felt like if there were writings by the saint, I had to read them. From the start I was drawn to St. Teresa of Avila but originally tried looking elsewhere – someone who had been recently sainted to show my conversion date, someone who had a similar past, someone I wished I had the courage to be, etc. In the end it came down to St. Faustina, Mother Teresa and St. Teresa of Avila. My pastor ruled out Servant of God status, otherwise Elisabeth LeSeur would have been my pick.

    i primarily chose St. Teresa of Avila because she was kinda a feminist of her time, got stuff done, and when God spoke to her, it was simple words. Not long like Faustina and I could relate to that experience. I am poor at silent prayer and her advice to always have spiritual/scripture reading at hand during prayer really works for me. Because she had such a strong interior life AND work life, I call upon her prayers frequently. And her devotion to St. Joseph guided me, as well. I just love her!

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    • I love this story h2ofilteroz!! My favorite part is that you were drawn to St. Teresa of Avila from the start — and in the end she was your pick. Beautiful!! And congratulations on your being received into the Church!!


  2. ❤ confirmation names!!! I always love hearing people's stories about how they picked them and why they picked them 🙂 My best friend who is about to be confirmed this Easter, I think, is going with Cecilia, which is so wonderful and pretty!


  3. I chose the name Veronica for a few reasons: (1) It was my great-nana’s middle name; (2) It was my much beloved nana’s (said great-nana’s daughter) confirmation name; and (3) Veronica wiped the face of Jesus and (I think I’ve said this here before) I like to believe that she gave all she could in that moment. Veronica, to me, is a reminder to act that way at all times – give all you can in a given moment to bring comfort and to serve others. I remember it not being difficult to choose the name. It was almost as if it chose me……even if I didn’t have the family connection. I passed the name on to my oldest daughter by giving her Veronica as a middle name. She is only 4, and has some speech and developmental delays that make it harder for her to interact with her peers, but the kindness and compassion she shows to her classmates and siblings is amazing…..St. Veronica is at work in her. 🙂

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