Birth announcement: Mathilda!

I posted a consultation for Sabrina from Austria at the beginning of February, and she’s let me know her baby has arrived — the beautifully named Mathilda!

Sabrina writes,

Just wanted to let you know that our little girl was born this morning – we ended up naming her Mathilda. However we only decided upon that name two days ago, before that it was Alma, another beautiful name I found on my researches. As you see, the name ride was a wild one, right when she had arrived I could not remember the name at all 😀 Thanks for your help

I love hearing the process parents go through to finally decide on a name! And Mathilda is just wonderful, I love it. Interestingly, Sabrina gave this update:

So our plan [was] to have Mathilda baptized on the day of St. Mathilde on March 14th, but it turned out both our Priests are unavailable at that day. 😦 Now we’ll aim at a Marian feast day and give her the second name Maria

Sabrina probably thought I was so dense as I wondered if I should then announce her name as Mathilda Maria — I hope she corrects me if I’m wrong, but from our conversation I gather that her given name is Mathilda, and her baptismal name, which is not a legal part of her name, may be Maria if she’s able to be baptized on a Marian feast day. Whew! I love learning about naming practices in different parts of the world!

Congratulations to Sabrina and her husband and big siblings Parsifal and Aurelia, and happy birthday Baby Mathilda!!




8 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Mathilda!

  1. Mathilda is such a sweet name! And since her older siblings have the sounds “al” and “el” on their names, a name with “il” is perfect! 😀

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