Birth announcement: Alastair James Lewis!

It’s a two-birth-announcement day y’all!! 😀 ❤

I did a private consultation for a couple recently who were very near their due date and struggling with middle names. They let me know their son has arrived, with the incredibly handsome and distinguished name of … Alastair James Lewis!

The mama writes,

Alastair James Lewis S__ was born on March 3rd 🙂 I’ve included a picture of our little family on Easter … We are calling him Alastair. Sometimes we call him Ally. And sometimes we call him Parm because it looks like God sprinkled Parmesan cheese all over his little nose 🙂 “

How darling and fabulous is that?! I happen to know that his names were heavily influenced by his parents’ love of philosophy, and I think they did a tremendous job picking a great, meaningful name for their little guy (all I really did was assure them that the names they liked the best were a-ok!)

Congratulations to the proud parents, and happy birthday Baby Alastair!!


Alastair James Lewis and his Mom and Dad


7 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Alastair James Lewis!

  1. Congratulations to them! Love the name! Alastair is one of my favorite names that I’m probably not cool enough to ever actually use, and Lewis is on my list.

    Totally unrelated, but I came across a new (to me) instagram account. The woman and her husband have six kids – they had three and then the fourth and possible last pregnancy ended up being triplets. Anyway, I thought their kids names fit so well together – Evan, Otto, Felix, Henry, Rufus, and Pearl.

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