Birth announcement: Luke Gordon!

I did a consultation for a mama who was scheduled to have it post here but then she went and had her baby earlier than expected! Fortunately Mom and Baby are both healthy, and the new little one, who was a gender surprise, turned out to be a boy! They gave him the handsome name of … Luke Gordon!

His mama writes,

I unexpectedly went into labor on Friday the 15th and with no complications our son was born that day! 🙂 We are both doing well, and we have named him Luke Gordon … Thank you again for the helpful and well thought suggestions, they certainly aided in our decision!

Isn’t that name so handsome??! I love Luke, and I happen to know that his parents wanted to work a Marian connection into his name — I always think Luke is one of the best ways to do so, as his gospel is the most Marian and contains Our Lady’s beautiful Magnificat. I know Gordon is a family name, and I love it paired with Luke. Nice job, Mom and Dad!

Luke joins older brothers:

James Pershing
Paul Raymond

So little Luke Gordon fits in just perfectly. Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Luke!!


Luke Gordon


15 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Luke Gordon!

  1. That’s such a lovely name!! And I love his brother’s names 🙂 Especially Paul!

    Also, totally random, but I love his mother’s ring! It’s so delicate and pretty.

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  2. Love the name Luke – always a favorite, never gets old.

    Second “supposed to be a girl, turned out to be a boy” baby I have heard of the in the past couple of months…
    Congrats on this new little guy.

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