New Nameberry article up!

I know I’ve told you all a hundred times before, but you make this blog. Without you guys, it would just be my personal online name file folder with all the tidbits I want to keep together in one place, but with you — Sancta Nomina sings!

Yet another example of your invaluable input is my latest piece up at Nameberry: Baby Names Quandary: Use it now or bank a name you love?


The comments you left on this consultation (Felix now or Felicity later?) and this post on whether or not you reserve names for later use and this post on naming regret informed the article, and I think a lot of parents will benefit from our collective wisdom. So thank you again! ❤


10 thoughts on “New Nameberry article up!

  1. So interesting! We have a baby boy name that we’ve saved and loved for years and I’m ok with holding off using it because I figure the chances are pretty great that I could suggest it for future use as the name/middle name of a grandson even if we never have a son. I am also ok with the reality that not every name you love is one that will get used and that’s ok. I already feel a special little connection to everyone I meet (there aren’t many) who have the name we love and realize that perhaps it can even be a little reminder for me forever to pray for everyone I meet who has our beloved name. Of course, who knows, maybe we’ll have a son and use it. But if not, I have come to terms with how I personally can/will handle the (for lack of a better word) “disappointment” at not ever getting to use it ourselves. But you are right that it’s a different journey for everyone with how they handle that type of decision. What’s harder for me to contemplate is actually what I would do if someone close to us used the name we have loved for so long and then we DID have a boy. I have a lot of chats with God about entrusting the name to him and being fine with His plan even if some of mine get a little thwarted along the way.

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