Popularity of Zelie in 2015

Because of Zaylee appearing in the top 1000 in 2015 and the comments (here and here) on my post from this morning regarding Zelie/Zaylee I looked up Zaylee, Zelie, Zellie, and Azelie, and discovered Azaylee as well!, to see how many babies were so named in 2015:

Azaylee: 9
Azelie: 17
Zaylee: 270 (rank #990)
Zelie: 50
Zellie: 12

It was interesting to compare the numbers to 2014:

Azaylee: 7
Azelie: 6
Zaylee: 182
Zelie: 25
Zellie: 9

Azaylee’s making me think (as the other Kate pointed out) that the popularity of Zaylee may indeed be influenced by St. Zelie. Fascinating!

Updated to add the numbers for Azelia, which Andrea included in her comment at the same time I was posting this! There were 24 babies named Azelia in 2014 and 25 in 2015. (She also included info for Therese and Louis, if you’re interested — there was no significant impact on either one.) Thanks Andrea!


27 thoughts on “Popularity of Zelie in 2015

  1. I recently heard of a baby Zaylee in a Catholic (extended) family though can’t remember whose, so don’t know for sure the origin, but assume it is for Zelie Martin. Since ZAY-lee is the “correct” French pronunciation I do think that may be incentive for people to go with that spelling in our country, so it would be unlikely to be pronounced differently. I know two Zelies – one they pronounce Zelly, the other is ZAY-lee.

    So the name popularity of Zaylee from Zelie or Azalea is likely coming from different influences — depending if you are in Catholic circles or rapper circles.

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  2. For some reason, none of these names have ever particularly appealed to me. I think the sound combinations just don’t really work for my mouth/brain and they come out sounding kind of odd 😛

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  3. Ahh now you have me hoping this baby is a girl, so I can name her Zelie before all the Catholics get too tired of it 😉 I’ve loved St Zelie for a long time, and we have been planning to name our next girl Zelie… Generally name popularity doesn’t bother me but then all I ever hear of lately in young Catholic circles seems to be little Cecelia’s and Lucy’s and I don’t want to be one of those people haha.

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  4. I have Azalea/Zelie on my list. I love botanical/flower names, love the Saint connection, and love the nickname potential. I also was shot down for the name Eliza, and Azalea has a similar sound to me with the “z”? 🙂 I live in an area where Catholic traditional names are popular, but Zelie hasn’t exploded just yet (we’ll see…. a bunch of babies are due this year).

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    • I also think Azalea and Eliza are similar enough that I can see people who like one also liking the other! I’ve also on occasion suggested Zelie as a possible nickname for Elizabeth!


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