Birth announcement: Henry Francis!

I did a private consultation for a mama last summer who was due any day with her first baby, a boy, and she just let me know that she and her husband had given him the ultra-handsome combo … Henry Francis!

She writes,

This email is very overdue, but I just wanted to send a quick thanks for all of your help in picking a name for our son, Henry Francis! I went into labor after reading your email later that day and got caught up in the fog of new motherhood without properly thanking you!

Your wonderful advice really helped us feel good about Henry Francis and we enjoyed all of your ideas … We are definitely keeping your ideas saved for future children.”

You guys, she went into labor after reading my email! Talk about getting it in under the wire!! 😀 I love the combo Henry Francis, well done Mom and Dad!

Congratulations to the new parents, and happy birthday Baby Henry!!

Henry Francis and his beautiful mama

7 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Henry Francis!

  1. Oh my goodness, I was being a weirdo with a friend the other day and we were talking about what we would name our kids if we had them right now, and one of the names I said was Henry Francis!! I LOVE this combo and I love that it’s been used!!

    He’s so beautiful and so is his mama!

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  2. I love Henry Francis! This very combo was on my list for my first baby 15 years ago! 😍💗💕

    And this Henry Francis is a beautiful baby! Congratulations and God bless him!

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