Birth announcement: Blaise Maximilian Kolbe!

I was catching up on Instagram this morning and apparently I’m a bit behind because lookee what I foundSole Searching Mama‘s baby arrived last week!

The consultation I posted for Susan and her husband last month for a girl’s name was so fun, but not needed, since they welcomed their seventh SON — the incredibly named Blaise Maximilian Kolbe!

I especially love that Benedict and Blaise are the two bookends (currently anyway — we all know about God and His plans for us!) — there’s something really aesthetically pleasing about that! (I’d also love to know what Susan and her husband decided on for a girl — Susan, if you’re reading this and you don’t mind sharing, please do!)

Congratulations Mom and Dad and big brothers Benedict, Andrew, George, Henry, Charles, and Joseph, and happy birthday Baby Blaise!!


9 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Blaise Maximilian Kolbe!

  1. What a wonderful name. And 7 sons is so incredible too. I can’t help but wonder what percentage of women the globe over have been blessed with 7 sons. It’s got to be a very small group. You are so blessed, Susan!!! 🙂

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