Birth announcement: Lillian Marie!

I posted the consultation for Theresa and her husband just this past Monday — so great to have such immediate satisfaction! Theresa has let me know her baby has arrived — a little Miss given the beautiful name … Lillian Marie!

Theresa writes,

Lillian (Lily) Marie arrived June 7th at 10:08 am, 9 lbs ~ 20.75 in … There were so many great names to chose from but I’m glad my hubby got his Lily. I always knew he loved that name but I never realized how much he wanted a little Lily. I love this photo of him btw. It was candid and you can see how genuinely happy he is :). So sweet!

Seriously guys, look at this awesome picture of this happy Dad and his girl:


Lillian Marie is such a beautiful given name and Lily is such a sweet nickname, I just love it. Congratulations Mom and Dad and big sibs Abby and Jack, and happy birthday Baby Lily!!

Lillian Marie joins the other ladies in her family


6 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Lillian Marie!

  1. That picture of baby Lily with her daddy melts my heart!! There’s so much raw love it in! I’m so glad they went with Lillian Marie 😀 It goes perfectly with their other names and is just gorgeous!!

    Congrats family!!

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