Birth announcement: $alvad0r R0s3!

A mama I did a private consultation for has let me know her baby has arrived — a little boy with the amazing name S@lv@d0r R0$e! (She has requested alt characters for privacy.)

She writes,

Our son $a1vad0r R0$e arrived on April 1st — a very speedy (40 mins!) but peaceful homebirth. In many of your postings you talk about parents feeling a sense of “rightness” about a name. Well my husband settled on $a1vad0r R0$e and that was it. I love it and it suits him beautifully. We’d been expecting him to arrive early March, as my first son was 3 weeks early but $alvad0r was on his own schedule and arrived right at 41 weeks. We didn’t realize the Easter-appropriateness of his name until much later. So now we have our Ca$ and S@l, although we generally use their full names.”

I love love seeing Rose in the middle spot — it’s a family name for this couple and I think it really works for a boy when paired with such a great masculine first name as S@lv@d0r (am I being crazy changing up the characters each time I type out his name? Haha! Can’t be too careful!). And it’s a Jesus name — it means “savior”! Love it!! And paired with “Rose,” which can be a verb — an Easter meaning indeed!!

This little guy joins big brother:

Cas1m1r Cull3n

Which is also full of faith and family significance for them, and such a handsome name. Great job, Mom and Dad! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby $a1vad0r!!

$a1vad0r R0$e with his big brother, and with his joyful parents at the moment of his birth


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