Birth announcement: Rosemary Valentine!

{This is not the baby whose mama emailed this morning to say she was in labor.}

I posted a consultation for Tara and her husband back in December, and revealed the name just a few days later (before the baby was born), and now I have the happy privilege of letting you know that beautiful little Rosemary Valentine has been born!

Tara writes,

You did a consultation for us a while ago – we picked a name back then but thought you would like to see a picture of little Rosemary (Rory) Valentine, born on April 27. Thanks for your blog — I love reading the names and dreaming of naming our next kiddo!

If you remember, Tara had explained:

We LOVED your name choices…and then decided to go with something different. We couldn’t agree on Stella Maris as a first or Stella as a first and Maris as a middle so we started talking other Marian names and landed on Rosemary “Rory” Valentine. We like Rosemary because the rosary has become a prayer devotion for us more recently and there was no arguing over whether it should be one or two names. Valentine is a family name on both sides of our family.”

You know Marian names are my very favorites, and Rosemary is such a great one! I love Rory as a nickname for it too!

Congratulations to Tara and her husband and big sister Kateri Cynthia, and happy birthday Baby Rosemary!!

image1 (5)

Rosemary (Rory) Valentine


3 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Rosemary Valentine!

  1. […] (1) Rosemary nicked Romy (or Rory) Rosie is the most common nickname for Rosemary I think, and I love it with sibs Jack, Ellie, and Ava, but Romy is also a traditional nickname for it, and it makes Rosemary—which is “slightly longer” but not really “slightly unusual”—have a more unusual edge, which might be a nice thing for this family moving forward, as it breaks them out of the “need to stick with longer unusual name with common nickname” pattern into “longer given name with shorter nickname, and one of those is ‘slightly unusual,’” which is a bit more freeing/offers more options. Rory is a nickname possibility that takes Rosemary even farther down the “slightly unusual” line—it’s spunky and tomboyish—but I’m not convinced that’s what they’re going for. I wanted to mention it anyway though, just in case (and here’s a sweet Rosemary nicked Rory.) […]


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