Birth announcement: Gabriel John!

Remember that mama of this past weekend, who I asked you all to pray for because she was in labor? That was our dear reader Laura, who has agonized over so many great boy names since she found out her first ultrasound, which seemed to indicate she was having a girl, was actually wrong. Her wee man has been born and named and I’m beyond delighted to announce: Gabriel John!

Laura writes,

Everything went awesome!  We named him Gabriel John. Up till the last few days I was still throwing around Peter, Gabriel, Henry, Leo and Jude. In he end I knew I wanted to keep our Biblical boy theme. But Peter was still in contention even during my labor. With him coming on a Saturday, the Marian Gabriel seemed like the perfect fit.

As for his middle name all pregnancy I had felt so comforted by the letters of St John and my father-in-law’s name is John. With it being Father’s Day weekend, using John seems even more perfect. While I don’t find the flow perfect, I’m excited to add St John as an intercessor for our family!

Sooo wonderful!! I have such a soft spot for Gabriel and the nickname Gabe, which I’ve seen Laura reference during her deliberations. I’d love to list her older kiddos’ names (Gabriel’s #7!), but I forgot to ask if I could and I don’t want to delay this announcement any longer. So I’ll leave it to Laura to leave them in the comments if she’d like. I will say that Gabriel is her fifth boy, and all her boys have New Testament names.

Updated to add: Laura said I could list the others’ names!


So great, right?!

Congratulations to Laura and her husband and all the big brothers and sisters, and happy birthday Baby Gabriel!!


Gabriel John


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