Birth announcement: Lucie Christine!

Buckle up guys, I have a bunch of birth announcements to share this week! 😍🎉😍🎉😍🎉

First up, I posted a consultation for Colleen and her husband back in May, and Colleen’s let me know that their wee one has arrived — a sweet little girl with the beautiful name … Lucie Christine!

Colleen writes,

Wanted to send over that our little girl was born yesterday afternoon! … Lucie Christine!

As pregnancy got closer and closer to the end, hubby and I both really felt grandmotherly pulls, so he was thinking of Margaret Alice a lot for his grandma Alice, while my Grannie, Evelyn Ruth, had me pulling for Lucie Ruth.

Since we weren’t settled on a name til we got time with her, we narrowed down to Lucie after a little while, but couldn’t settle for a middle name until we had a clearer picture of her whole arrival story and she stabilized.
My mom, Christine, has a history of super fast births and not feeling birth pain (I know, be jealous, of 4 kids her longest labor was 2 hours). I arrived at the hospital at 3pm thinking i was in for a long evening and …Lucie was here by 4:15pm. And she was a whopping 8lbs 12oz at 37 weeks!
My mom also has a lovely singing voice and miss Lucie’s breathing, while not exactly a good thing, kept being called “singing” by every nurse, doc, and us.
So. Lucie Christine. A grandmotherly pull because of HER grandmother, not either of OURS. We’re over the moon!

SUCH a great story!! And SO exciting they used one of the names I’d suggested!! 😀 And her sensitive little Angie won’t have to feel left out because she has a new little sister with a name ending in the “ee” sound! And I love Christine, both for its family significance and for it’s French-ness, just beautiful all around. (Also, totally jealous of Grandma Christine. “Super fast births and not feeling birth pain” — wha??)

Colleen has asked for prayers for her little Lucie,

It was a very fast birth and our green bean little girl turned out to need some interventions for low blood sugar and some slight trouble breathing. She didn’t get to room with me last night, and I’m hoping for the next nursery report to be one that she can be with me soon, even if we have some extra rules to follow.”

And another update,

Lucie is still in the NICU, very steady but docs won’t let her go unless her body keeps her sugar levels up, so prayers for continued good tests would be great! She’s the sweetest thing :)”

And finally, a cuh-RAZY+awesome twist to the story:

Also, a friend just sent me this…I got goosebumps. We don’t subscribe to the Magnificat, but apparently the communion reflection for yesterday (when we named Lucie) was right on target.

She asked if that’s where we got the name. Crazy!


Amazing right?!!

Congratulations to Colleen and her husband and big sibs Hanna, Angele, Nadia, and Leo, and happy birthday Baby Lucie!! (And please don’t forget to pray for her!)

Lucie Christine with her mom and dad


11 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Lucie Christine!

  1. Wow, the end gave me goosebumps, too!

    I’m also a super fast laborer but they are NOT painless! Lol!

    I will most certainly be praying for baby Lucie as my baby John was in the NICU for similar reasons.

    Welcome, baby Lucie! God bless you!

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