Birth announcement: Cora Juliette!

I posted a consultation for Lisa from Joie de Vivre (which has since become A Pinch of Zest!) back in May, and she’s let me know her little green bean 🌱 has arrived — a beautiful little lady (!) with the beautiful name … Cora Juliette!

Lisa writes,

Hi Kate,

I just wanted to let you know we had a baby girl, born June 16th, and named her Cora Juliette. 🙂

We had a hard time settling on a girl name but a few hours before her birth decided on Cora after the Sacred Heart. Juliette was one we both liked a lot (and I’ve always loved “-ette” names!), so it was neat to re-read your Spotlight post and find out about all the saint connections to Juliette- we’ve taken on Bl. Juliette Verolot as one of her patron saints.

Thank you again for all your help! I always love reading your naming posts. 🙂 “

You guys! Cora Juliette!!! Cora for the Sacred Heart! And one of my all-time faves Juliette! Ahhhhhh I LOVE it!!! And so great to know about another holy Juliette! (I see she’s also known as Bl. Elisabeth-Julitte Verolot 😍)

If you remember, Cora joins her equally well-named big sisters:

Evangeline Grace (Evie)
Audrey Noelle
Heidi Josefina

What a beautiful bunch of girls! Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Cora!!

Cora Juliette with her sisters and her dad


9 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Cora Juliette!

  1. I’m so happy to know that they went with Juliette, because I had suggested Juliet! And it’s a win for you Kate, too, because you had suggested Victoria with Cora as a nickname and you mentioned before that Cora can be used to honor the Sacred Heart

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    • Woo!! So sorry Mary-Agnes, I looked through the comments to see if anyone had suggested Cora (on its own, not as a nickname as I had) so I could congratulate them, but didn’t even think to look for Juliet(te)! Nice job!! 😀


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