Annunciation Designs giveaway!!

[UPDATE: I forgot some key details!! The giveaway runs until midnight tonight and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow!]

It’s here! 😍🎉😍🎉

sancta annunciation giveaway

What a great way to continue yesterday’s celebration of the Feast of the Assumption! Mother Mary for the win!!! 🙌💐💕

Elayne from the Etsy shop Annunciation Designs is a Sancta Nomina reader and mama to the incredibly handsomely named … B3n3d!ct K0lb3! (Alt characters used for privacy.) I’ve often said that a B first name can be hard to pair a middle name with because of the possibility of problematic initials, but K0lb3’s an awesome middle name to pair with B3n3d!ct — I love it! And what powerful patrons that little boy has!! He is set!!

Elayne brings the same faith-y finesse and sensibility she used in naming her little boy to her shop, which features her beautifully hand-lettered and painted Catholic greeting cards — and I mean Catholic! Like her Vocation Card! And Priest Ordination card! 😍 I mean, come on. If anyone’s going to need cards like those, it’s all of us! And her other cards are equally meaningful and so loving — birthday and baptism cards, wedding cards, thank you cards, encouragement cards, even a miscarriage sympathy card, which is just so perfect for when you want to say the right thing and just don’t know what the right thing to say is. ❤

I’ve never seen cards like Elayne’s — certainly not in any store that I might run into to pick up a card for an occasion — they’re just so exactly right! So I’m beyond thrilled to run today’s giveaway for a $30 credit to her shop!

30 store credit

In order to enter, click this link for the Sancta Nomina+Annuncation Designs Rafflecopter giveaway! You’ll be asked to leave a comment saying which of Elayne’s cards you like the best — I’m excited to see lots of love for this mama’s beautiful work!

And I don’t know if any of you have taken advantage of the discount I told you about last week that Elayne’s offering Sancta Nomina readers, but if you don’t win the giveaway today don’t forget that you can get 20% off anything and everything in the shop until the end of August with the coupon code Nomina20! Time to stock up y’all!! 😉 Happy entering!!



23 thoughts on “Annunciation Designs giveaway!!

  1. Her designs are all just lovely! But I think the baptism one is my favorite at the moment. Baptisms just hold a special place in my convert’s heart, and the beautiful blue design and meaningful, succinct message seem like the perfect way to mark such a blessed occasion.

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  2. With my own children and many of our friends’ children plowing through sacraments at an alarming rate as our diocese transitions to restored order sacraments, the First Holy Communion and especially Confirmation cards are my favorite! Almost every child we know will be confirmed in the next few years!

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