Birth announcement: Eleanor Pary!

A mama I did a private consultation for has let me know her little girl has arrived and been given the gorgeous name … Eleanor Pary!

She writes,

Just wanted to send you a quick note.  We went with Eleanor Pary!!!  Thanks so much for the suggestion of Pary! My mom and MIL are very honored.  Eleanor was born August 4th!

Isn’t Eleanor Pary a beautiful combination?? I’m particularly delighted that the parents liked the idea of Pary when I suggested it as a way to honor both grandmas — Patricia and Mary. I think it’s so cool and unexpected!

This little girl joins big sister:

Cecelia Jo

And as the mama reminded,

Cecelia is named after my great grandmother and Jo after my father, and both grandfathers.”

What a wonderful sister set, with so much significance represented in their names!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Eleanor!!

Eleanor Pary with big sister Cecelia Jo


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