Birth announcement: Brendan Joseph!

You all remember the consultation I posted for Colleen at the Martin Family Moments blog  on St. Paddy’s Day? She’s gone and had her baby, her sixth boy 🎉💃🙌 , and she and her husband gave him the so-handsome name … Brendan Joseph!

She announced the wee man’s birth on Instagram the day he was born, but they didn’t announce the name until two days later (not that I was obsessively refreshing my Instagram feed and then being sure I missed it anyway and rushing over to Colleen’s feed to be sure or anything), and I’m just delighted — they have an Irish sensibility and, as she’d pointed out in her consultation, all their other boys have an N in their names so they kind of liked the idea of continuing that, so Brendan seems perfect, all in all.

The birth story’s up on her blog, which I just read and loved and cried over (as I do, every.time. I read a birth story), and lots of pictures of her littlest guy.

Congratulations to Colleen and her husband and big sibs John-Paul, Andrew, Eamon, Maggie, Xander, and Declan, and happy birthday Baby Brendan!!


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