The name of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa’s being canonized tomorrow!!! 🎉🎉🎉 In honor of her, here’s a link to one of my favorite things of all time — her address at the 1994 National Prayer Breakfast in which she said, in front of then-President Clinton and his First Lady — who, as we all know, is currently running for the same office — that abortion is wrong wrong wrong. Such a lot of courage in such a tiny lady. ❤ (Updated to add: Her bit starts at the 48 minute mark.) (Also, I heard them say “ter-AY-sah” more than once!)

In honor of her big day, I knew I had to get the T(h)eresa entry added to the Sibling Project page, and I just finished it — I’ll be interested to hear what you all think of my conclusions! And if you know any bloggers with a Theresa or a Teresa, please let me know so I can link to them!

Happy day to all of Mother Teresa’s namesakes!!

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