What’s this? Oh, just a pile of things I’m buried under

You guys! I’m so so sorry I’ve been so quiet! Once again I’m backed up on emails and consultations! Tomorrow’s the last day of the first full week of school, and we’re doing great in that regard — we’re chugging back into the routine, I’ve been on top of all the things I need to be on top of children-wise — and I had two writing deadlines in the last week as well (they always seem to fall just when everything else does!), and a million other tiny little things that add up to a lot, and everything else has fallen by the wayside. If it makes you feel any better, my laundry is also a tragedy, as is the house in general. 🤦

I always hope to get caught up on the weekends, and I usually do — hopefully this weekend’s no different! I hope you’re all doing wonderfully well!


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