Birth announcement: Joseph Benedict!

A mama I did a private consultation for has let me know her little green bean 🌱 has arrived — a boy! And he’s been given the so-handsome name … Joseph Benedict!

She writes,

Just thought I’d let you know we had our baby and love his name!! We had narrowed it down to Edmond (Eddie) but the morning before he was born it didn’t feel right. I told my husband I really felt like if this was a boy we should go with Joseph (even though it’s a nephew of ours, but he is 22 so now we have big joe & little joe) my hubby said “let’s flip through my phone calendar and I’ll stop it on a random date and we will go with that feast day.” I was 17 hours into labor so I agreed…… What do you know he landed on March 19! I laughed cause he didn’t know that was Feast of St Joseph!!! So after 26 hours of crazy back labor Joseph Benedict joined our family!! Thank you for your help and input!!

Can you beLIEVE that story about flipping through the calendar and randomly stopping on the feast of St. Joseph?? So so amazing!! I totally had goosebumps when I read that! And I love love the combo Joseph Benedict, so great.

This little man joins big sibs:

Zelie Anna
George Patrick (Georgie)
Timothy Michael (Timmy)
Martin Gerard (Marty)

I just love this family’s names! And the boys — I can totally see Georgie, Timmy, Marty, and Joey getting into all kinds of boyish trouble! 😀 (In a good way I mean, it’s just such an awesome bunch of names for a bunch of brothers!)

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Joseph!!


Joseph Benedict


5 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Joseph Benedict!

  1. Congratulations to Joseph’s family! I guess this is another case of naming by the Holy Spirit!
    And this post made me think it would be interesting to have a Sibling Project entry on Zelie. But I know you have been busy, Kate, so no rush 🙂

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