Birth announcement: Owen Xavier!

A mama I did a private consultation for has let me know her baby boy has arrived and been given the awesome name … Owen Xavier!

She writes,

I thought I’d let you know our baby was born at home on Sept 22 at 4:44 pm, after about two hours of labor (though I was only certain I was in labor for about half of that). Owen Xavier was 9 lbs, 1 oz and 21.75 inches long. He’s a keeper!

We actually have been debating charging his middle name due to some uncertainty but I think we’re going to stick with it.”

First of all, can you believe she was in labor for only two hours, and she was only certain she was in labor for an hour?! What! Second of all, Owen Xavier is such a cool combo! I love it! I also love her explanation behind it:

St. Nicholas Owen seems like such a great patron, and both him and St. Francis Xavier are Jesuits from the 16th century, which is kind of neat. One worked alone, one worked with people — seems to cover all possible bases for this little guy of ours. 😉 OXM seem like pretty cool initials, too.”

Such cool connections with two amazing saints!

He joins some amazingly named big siblings too:

Helen Perpetua
Susanna Jean
John Benedict (Jack)
Leo Tobias
Lucy Therese
Edith Rose
Lydia Agnes
Alice Louisa
Jane Elisabeth (in heaven)

Each combo is amazing! I love every single one! It is such a joy to see such beautiful names being used!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Owen!!

Owen Xavier


6 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Owen Xavier!

  1. What an incredibly beautifully named family! I had to read them to my husband (I have never done that before!), just because they were so incredible. I love St. Nicholas Owen and St. Francis Xavier!!! What a great combo! And what a sweet little boy. God bless you, Owen Xavier!

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