New article up at CatholicMom!

My October column posted today! Check it out: Reclaim the Name.


I drew heavily from my Reclaim the name post of a while ago in putting together the ten names I listed in the article that I’d like to see be reclaimed, and though there were quite a lot to choose from, I focused on the most Catholicky Catholic ones. A couple of the names actually *are* well used — just that I hear some people have a hard time getting past particular associations that I would love to see overridden. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the ten I chose, and any others you would add!


8 thoughts on “New article up at CatholicMom!

  1. Personally I think it’s going to take a looooooong time to reclaim Lolita, which is super unfortunate, because it’s so cute. “Lolita” is also the name for a particularly creepy (in my opinion) Japanese streetwear/fashion style in which the wearer (usually a young adult woman) purposely dresses like a dolled-up underage schoolgirl–literally emulating the literary character. Yuuuuuuck. Happily, other super cute nicknames for Dolores, such as Lola and Lo, are still a go.

    The name I’d personally like to see reclaimed is Calvin! For me and my husband, Calvin will always and forever belong to Calvin and Hobbes–that’s not a bad association, but the specter of John Calvin is always lurking in the background like a chronic wart, making the name unusable.

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