Birth announcement: Theodore Augustine Joseph!

I posted a consultation for Stephanie and her husband back in September, and they were also the family I posted this anonymous prayer request for, as their little guy was born with a heart defect. I’m delighted to now be able to share with you his name: Theodore Augustine Joseph!

Stephanie writes,

After a night of pondering and staring at him, we named him Theodore Augustine Joseph.  We were heavily leaning toward Silas but I just couldn’t see it!  My husband has loved the name “Theo” for months, and I really wanted to name him Augustine and have the option to call him Gus or Auggie.  I realize “Theo” isn’t one syllable, but we thought it went nicely with big sister Caeli!  And we really wanted to honor St. Joseph as well, so we gave him three big, beautiful names.”


“Three big, beautiful names” indeed! And perfectly perfect for a little one with health concerns to have extra patrons! Please also continue to pray for little Theo, as his parents’ very special intention is that the hole in his heart will heal and he won’t need surgery.

Congratulations to the whole family, including big sibs Bethany, Luke, Jackson, and Caeli, and happy birthday Baby Theo!!


Theodore Augustine Joseph


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