Birth announcement: Cillian Rory!

The mama whose consultation I had scheduled to post today had her baby early! I’m delighted to share that her little wee man has been given the amazing name … Cillian Rory!

And this mama needs PRAYERS! She writes,

Hi Kate, Wanted to let you know that our fifth son, Cillian Rory, was born on November 16th. His arrival was dramatic as I broke my pelvis the Saturday before he was born and then induced because I had lost the ability to walk. They discovered the break yesterday, and I am working with physical therapy to find a way to get around. Thanks again for our name consult. We loved your middle name suggestion and went with it.”

A broken pelvis! While so very pregnant! And now with a newborn! I know you’ll join me in storming heaven for this mama and her family during such a difficult time!

Little Cillian joins his equally amazingly named big sibs:

Hannah Rain
Liam Ruff
Finnegan Ryan (goes by Finn)
Reilly Patrick
Dylan Rhys

Such a wonderful Irishy set! Congratulations to Mom and Dad and the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Cillian!!


Cillian Rory


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