New CatholicMom article up! And some housekeeping

My December column at CatholicMom posted today! Names for an Advent Baby.


I used this post, as well as your comments on that post, to put it together — thank you for your thoughts!

I also decided to use PayPal buttons for consultations after all (I’d previously said I’d use invoices instead) — I just updated my baby name consultations page with that info — might be the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for any expectant parents you know! 😉

Happy four days until Christmas!! 😁🎄🎁


3 thoughts on “New CatholicMom article up! And some housekeeping

  1. Just wanted to share that your Advent/Christmas articles helped us brainstorm a great name for my newest niece, who was born on Dec. 21st instead of the 28th, post-Christmas, as expected. Vi0let G!ori@ 🙂 She was named both for the Advent liturgical color as well as the O Antiphon “Radiant Dawn” (the color of the sky as dawn breaks). Her middle name a celestial, musical and Christmas reference 🙂

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