Prayers please!

Our reader Charlotte @ To Harriet Louise emailed me with a serious prayer intention:

I’m having an extensive surgery on Friday for endometriosis. It’s stage 4 endo, severe enough that I’ve been hospitalized for it, it’s affected other organs, it’s on/in my intestines (causing GI issues on top of all the pain!!), etc. I had to go to five surgeons before finding one who felt he could successfully do the operation without harming me because it’s so high risk. I’m very nervous for it, mostly because I’m 25 and single and I hope to have a family and a lot of kids one day. The doc isn’t going to remove any reproductive organs unless it’s specifically to save my life at that moment. But still… with endometriosis they just don’t fully know what they’re dealing with until they’re in there.

As nervous as I am, this surgery can’t come soon enough, and I’m so glad that this is how I’m starting the new year. I’ve been out of work for nearly two years because of all of the surgeries and hospitalizations (on top of the endo, I’ve had liver issues that have lead to quite a few hospital stays – they actually think the endometriosis might be affecting my liver – it’s rare, but not unheard of) so things have been extremely tough for me. I’m hoping the surgery is a new start. I so badly need and WANT to get back to work and just life in general – going out, doing things with friends, etc. When I had to stop working (work required travelling over 2 hours per day, and at the time I needed twice weekly blood draws, so I had to leave work), I needed to move in with my family in a different state, so since then I’ve been sort of isolated and unable to go make friends and just, ugh, it’s been rough. So this surgery, as scary as it is, is really a blessing. The surgeon is one of the best, and the technique he’s using is more difficult than common techniques, but generally more successful, too. I’m hoping for a safe surgery and less pain moving forward, as well as a good recovery (I don’t want to say an “easy recovery” because we’ve discussed it already and, well… it won’t be easy. But that’s okay.). Anyway, sorry for the essay!!! And I know I’ve asked for prayers a few times!!! Argh, sorry!!! I feel like your blog has offered a Catholic community I wouldn’t have otherwise!!!! I’d so appreciate it, though (and it’s okay if you use my name). Thank you!!

I’ve told people before what great prayer warriors you all are, and I know some of you have suffered from similar issues — please jump on this for Charlotte!! St. Anne and Mother Mary, please intercede for her!! 🙏🙏🙏


7 thoughts on “Prayers please!

  1. Praying for you, Charlotte. That God guide the eyes, hands, and intellect of your surgeon. God willing your health will dramatically improve after this.

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