Birth announcement: Jacob Miles!

Do you remember Kelli’s consultation from last week? She sent me all the birth+naming details! Her little man’s been given the amazing and meaningful name … Jacob Miles!

Kelli writes,

Just wanted to drop you an email and introduce our newest little guy, and to thank you for the name consultation and wonderful comments and ideas! It gave us a lot to think about and really helped us narrow things down.

By the time we got to the hospital we were fairly certain about Jacob, but still not sure about a middle name. What was supposed to be a fast and easy labor, turned into the most difficult one I have ever had. By the time Jacob was born, we had friends, family, church family, priests, and nuns praying the Divine Mercy chaplet for him. He entered the world to my husband praying the chaplet over us in the delivery room. After learning about the name Miles, which you had suggested, and its connections to Mary and the Slavonic root word for Merciful, we knew we had to honor all those prayers by giving him this name.

He gave us a bit of a scare in the hospital. He had dangerously low blood sugar and ended up in the NICU, but thanks to a wonderful doctor and a fantastic nurse we were able to come home earlier today with a happy and healthy new one.

The entire family is thrilled and I am so glad we did the consult and discovered more about this name. It seems meant to be!

What an amazing story!! I didn’t know of the connection between Miles and mercy when I suggested it, but how amazing that it ended up being just the name for this little boy and his particular circumstances! I also love that they ended up going with Jacob for a first name, which, if you remember, was the name their son Will was “desperate” to use — Jacob Miles is just the perfect name all around! It’s such a nice feeling to know the name chosen feels “meant to be.”

Congratulations to Kelli and her husband and big sibs Abby, Will, Aaron, and Jessa, and happy birthday Baby Jacob!!

Jacob Miles

11 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Jacob Miles!

  1. Congrats! Such a lovely baby! I guess Will can’t complain about being left out of the biblical theme: Jacob was his choice after all! And it fits in very well 🙂

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  2. Congrats! He’s beautiful!

    Where is the info I can find on the name Miles? Our youngest son is Miles Jon@s and I had no idea there was more to this name other than the meaning of “soldier.” Miles was a NICU baby as well, being born at 26 weeks. I’d love to know more about this name….thanks!

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  3. Congrats! I love it – as Jacob is a favorite of mine. Our second is Jacob Michael which I think sounds very similar. : )

    I didn’t comment on it in the original post, but their “maybe” list included all three of my sons’ names, as well as a couple of others in my top which we didn’t use. We have similar likes in naming.

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