Special offer for Sancta Nomina readers!

Our reader Natalie has a beautiful Etsy shop called At the Post Paperie & Gifts — you may remember her from a year ago when she offered some beautiful nursery prints for little girls featuring quotes from St. Catherine of Siena, St. Therese of Lisieux, and St. Mother Teresa because she said she’d “found much comfort & grace in blogs like yours as I’ve grown in my faith, so I wanted to give a little something in return.” Since then, she’s had a baby boy! She gave him the amazing name J0hn W3thington (a family name), and they call him Wh!t (because those letters appear in that exact order in W3thington)! 😍😍😍 Love love love!

Natalie has another wonderful offer for all of you today! She writes,

I painted some new prints with JPII and Saint Gianna Molla quotes & I thought your readers would love & I would like to offer them 50% off with the coupon code SANCTANOMINA 🙂 That would make these two downloadable prints only $2.50 🙂 Mostly, I love the thought that these favorite quotes would grace some more walls! I’ve attached a photo of them displayed.”

Check out these beautiful prints!


I hope you all take advantage of Natalie’s generosity (I’m on my way there right now ☺). And I’m sure you’ll all love to follow her on Instagram (not least because she’s got great pics of her little guy’s a-DOR-able face!) and check out her blog too. Thanks to Natalie for this lovely gift!! 💕💕💕

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