February CatholicMom column up, a Nameberry mention, and thanks for the fun!

I’ll start with the last bit of the post title — thanks for all your great ideas re: a sister for Reverie! That was so fun to read! You all have amazing ideas!

Secondly, our reader Clare, who has an awesome name site of her own (Name News) and is also my Welsh pronunciation expert, had a piece posted on Nameberry a couple days ago in which she mentioned Sancta Nomina — specifically the “Men Who Love Mary” category! If I’m ever remembered for one thing, having it be names for Mary would be one of my very top choices. 😍 Go check out her great post: Who Knew Victor Hugo was a Name Nerd?

Finally, my February CatholicMom column posted yesterday — a slight re-boot of this post from a couple years ago: Names for Miscarried Babies. Miscarriage was on my mind recently because my parish just started a miscarriage ministry and asked me to help with it (and you know I tapped into our reader Mandi’s great resources at A Blog About Miscarriage). I hope this is helpful for anyone who’s mourning a little one.




10 thoughts on “February CatholicMom column up, a Nameberry mention, and thanks for the fun!

  1. My babe’s name is Charlotte Francis. We didn’t name him/her until years later but doing so really helped “settle” things for me regarding the loss. Charlotte and Francis were both names I was considering at the time I was pregnant with that baby, so that was how they were selected. Using both a feminine and masculine name solved the issue for me of not knowing the baby’s sex.

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  2. We lost a baby May 2015, I didn’t know if she was a boy or girl but I refer to her as “she”. Had she been born I was convinced her name would be Catherine Siena. Since I lost her before I knew gender I wanted a more gender neutral name. We named her Lael which I had never heard before, but I have come to love. As all names which wnd in “el” it refers to a servant of God. Lael means “belonging to God”. It was so perfect, I held her sweet soul for a little while but truly she belonged to God. As a middle name I picked Noel also gender neutral, because she was due December 23rd. Naming her has helped so much and I still talk about her often.

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