Birth announcement: Fiona Therese!

If you haven’t already, be sure to read my Mother’s Day post (there’s a giveaway)!

A mama I did a private consultation for has let me know her little green bean 🌱 has arrived — a little girl given the gorgeous name … Fiona Therese!

She writes,

You did a consult for me a few mos ago. Our children are Cecilia Rose, Ian Michael, Anneliese (pronounced the German way) Claire, Aidan John, Eva Marie, Francis Martin. We didn’t know the sex of the baby … We narrowed it down to Josiah Patrick for a boy. Aaaaand: we welcomed a baby sister, Fiona Therese. Fiona is a cute name I have liked, but had forgotten til you reminded me! Celtic but spellable and pronounce-able. Therese for the Little Flower, which also allows us to use flower or rose nicknames. (Rosemary was top in the running for a long time.)

Such an amazing sibling set!! I love all the names, and Fiona Therese is such a fabulous addition to the family!

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Fiona!! 🎉🌹


13 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Fiona Therese!

  1. Oh, I just love this! I love seeing Fiona get used! I know it’s not the most uncommon name ever, but other than our little Fiona, we don’t know any others! And Thérèse! Perfect! (My phone automatically adds the accents, even though I see they haven’t used them.)

    Congratulations! What a beautifully named baby, and excellent sibling names, too!

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  2. Can someone tell me what the German pronunciation of Anneliese is? I can’t figure out any other pronunciation than Ann-uh-leese, sorry.

    Also, I love the name Fiona but will forever associate it with Shrek! She’s a pretty awesome character to associate with, however.

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    • When we named our daughter Fiona (in 2009), we were often asked if it was after the Shrek character, although happily that seems to have stopped and we don’t hear it at all anymore. I knew it was a risk when we chose the name, but I’m glad that it doesn’t seem to be a permanent single association. Fiona had been on my list since long before Shrek…my now 15-year-old ALMOST got it.

      I am not 100% sure, but I *think*, based on my somewhat limited knowledge of German, is that the German pronunciation of Anneliese is on-uh-leez-uh. I used “on” for the first syllable as I think it’s more like the word on, or rhymes with fawn, rather than like the English name Ann(e).

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      • Also since I typed “rhymes with fawn”, it’s been eating at me to clarify that I live in the western US where we don’t distinguish between sounds like fawn, John, gone, on, dawn, etc. They all have the same “short o” sound out here.

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    • Yes! “On-uh-leeze-uh” is correct. My husband says the Von Trappe daughter Liesl would have been Anneliese, as Liesl is the common nickname for that popular German name.

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