Birth announcement: Anessa Corinne!

You may remember that back in February I posted a mini consultation for a couple who wondered if the name Anessa was okay to use — it was for Josh and Mari, who I’d had the privilege of doing a regular consultation the month before, as well as a private consultation for their previous baby (birth announcement here). I’m delighted to announce that they’ve let me know their little girl has arrived, and has been given the gorgeous name … Anessa Corinne!

Josh writes,

Kate, just wanted to let you know that we welcomed Anessa Corinne yesterday — 7 lbs 14 oz and mom and baby are doing great! Thanks for your help with the name consultation!

Anessa Corinne is such an amazing combo! Anessa is a variant of Agnes, and Corinne can have that beautiful connection to cor (Latin for “heart”) that we’ve talked about before (like Cora). It’s also in keeping with the A.C. theme they’ve established for their girls!

Anessa joins her amazingly named big sibs:

Ariana Camille
Audrey Caroline
Caleb Daniel (Daniel is Josh’s middle name)
Amelia Clare (“Millie”)
Anne-Catherine Gianna (“Gianna” or “Gigi”)
Charles Michael (“Charlie”)

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Anessa!!

image1 (20)

Anessa Corinne


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