Birth announcement: Verity Ann!

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I helped Allison out with some thoughts for boy names before her baby was born, but she ended up having a girl! She and her husband named her … Verity Ann!

Allison writes,

We can punt our boy name dilemma another couple of years 😉 … What if it’s a girl next?! I will need an official consult from you and your readers on what to do with all these V names … lol.”

I love love love the combo Verity Ann!! And indeed they love their V names — check out her big sibs’ gorgeous combos:

Blaise Vincent
Victoria Beatrice
Vivian Marie

I’m loving the idea of doing a V name consultation in a couple years — sounds like fun! 😉😍

Congratulations to the whole family, and happy birthday Baby Verity!! (Who’s not such a baby anymore! We all know how fast those baby months go!)


Verity Ann


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