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I’ll plan to do a proper spotlight on this name next week, but first I wanted your initial impressions: What do you think of the name Beretta as an honor name for St. Gianna Beretta Molla?


49 thoughts on “Beretta?

  1. I wonder if you could name a girl Retta, with the understanding and intention that she was named after St. Gianna? I think Retta is really cute, and ages well, without the violent associations.

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  2. I immediately think of a gun as well. Total no go for me. That being said, Retta doesn’t bring the same association to mind. I actually think of the lovely actress/comedian Retta who played Donna on “Parks & Recreation” so it’s a positive association for me.

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  3. A Beretta is also a Chevy car. It wouldn’t work for me.
    I am not loving Retta, either.

    On another subject, I heard the name Immaculee the other day, in honor of Mary, and thought it was kinda nice.

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  4. I hate to be repetitive, but I of course immediately think of a gun as well. That being said, my husband is a gunsmith so it’s an easy connection for me to make. I know people who have named after guns (think Kimber, Remmie, Colt). We have a male cousin named Barrett. This name also makes me think of that. I like the name Giana and am considering Molly for my girl (Molla makes me think of Molly).

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    • Apparently (when I mentioned this post to said husband) Beretta is the largest Italian firearm company and the Vatican owns a majority of it’s stock. Light research on my end shows that the company was established in 1526 (whoa!).

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      • Oh that’s funny about the Vatican connection! And 1526 is impressive! I wonder if St. Gianna’s family is connected to the actual Berettas who started the company?


  5. I don’t care for the name, personally. It reminds me of the hat. However, I know a really cute Beret. She was named after a Norwegian ancestor. After knowing her, I really like the name – in spite of Giants in the Earth. 🙂

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  6. You could also merge the names Gianna and Beretta to get Greta, which would be a unique way to honor the saint. Not an obvious association, but very clear once explained.

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  7. My husband is a gun enthusiast and was delighted to hear this name. He loves his 92FS and uses it to protect our family.

    Our friends gave the middle name of Berrett to their son in honor of St. Gianna, whom they have a devotion to.

    Also, the Vatican can’t own stock band cause it’s a privately held company. Hubby would own stock if he could!

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  8. Wow this name generates a lot of discussion! I think, as a Catholic, one would have to ask the question: to what extent should worldly associations impact the choice of a saintly moniker for a child? Yes, there is a gun, but it is the maiden name of a saint nonetheless. And when other surname names (or place names) like Kolbe, Becket, Vianney, Avila, Lourdes, etc. get fair usage among Catholic circles, it doesn’t seem like Beretta should be an immediate write off. Actually perhaps there is reason to use it to “reclaim” the name so to speak, and when you are asked the child’s name it can be an evangelization opportunity to inform about St. Gianna Beretta Molla, and the Church. The gun association really may be the first association with the name depending on where in the world you live – seems like a predominant theme if you live in the USA, but not so apparent if you are in Canada for example. Also, the car was discontinued in 1996, so it is very doubtful any children named Beretta in the year 2017 and beyond would have that association, unless the car model is resurrected 😉

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  9. All I can think of is: a little hat! And it sounds like a lot of people think of guns.

    I think being creative with twists on this name would be a better way to honor the saint. I liked the suggestion of Retta, for example.

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