My sister, Ven. Solanus Casey’s friend

I’ve mentioned before that my family believes my sister’s life is a miracle attributed to Ven. Solanus Casey’s intercession. In fact, my mom worked with the hospital whose NICU is where my sister was transported after she was finally revived at our local hospital after birth, the doctor who cared for my sister when she was in the NICU (who’s not Catholic, but believes my sister’s progress is beyond scientific explanation), and our bishop to compile all the info from her traumatic birth 33 years ago, and submitted it to the Vice-Postulators for the Cause of Fr. Solanus’ canonization. Though a different miracle was the one recognized by Pope Francis as evidence for Fr. Solanus’ beatification, my sister has been invited to participate in the Beatification Mass on Nov. 18 in Detroit, and we continue to thank God for Fr. Solanus’ intercession.

Our diocesan paper — who did a story on my sister several years ago when she was in high school — just ran a new story on her, published today: Once stillborn, local woman will take part in beatification of priest who may have saved her. It’s a pretty great article about a pretty great girl.

We and all who love Fr. Solanus would love to see him canonized! Please feel free to share this information, and please pray for his canonization!


14 thoughts on “My sister, Ven. Solanus Casey’s friend

  1. What a great article. The quote from your mom at the end- “Her mother predicted that ‘it will likely make me cry my eyes out to see my little lifeless baby standing up for her loving friend and protector.'” made me cry! It reminded me of this line from the Rite of Baptism, which is the one I can never, ever get through without tears: “When the Lord comes, may he (she) go out to meet him
    with all the saints in the heavenly kingdom.” It always makes me think- yes! This is why we give them so many crazy patron saints! These are real people who are still very much actively involved in our lives. What a gift their intercession is.

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  2. This is wonderful!! I tripped upon your blog getting inspiration for naming our 7th (6th living) baby due in March. I have a strong devotion to 2 special men who are both being beatified this year, Fr. Stanley Rother (my home arch-diocesesan hero here in OK) in September and then Solanus Casey in November! We lived in a suburb of Detroit for 9 years and I loved visiting his tomb and have a great devotion to him. We plan to be at his beatification too! I thought it would be awesome to have a Bernard Stanley in the family but my husband’s not a fan. 😕
    I loved reading the story about your sister, thanks for sharing!

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    • Congrats on expecting your 7th baby Natalie! I’ve never heard of Fr. Stanley Rother, I’ll have to look him up! Aw Bernard Stanley is great and so meaningful! Maybe your husband will come around? A friend just named her son Casey, I love that too.


  3. Sacred Heart of Jesus, please bless each of us. Fr. Solanus is known to have said to thank God ahead of time…knowing our prayers are heard and answered in the perfect will of God.
    Thank you God for everything…

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