Birth announcement: Titus James Dominic!

I posted a consultation in June for Amy and Brandon, and they’ve let me know their little boy has arrived and been given the amazingly handsome name … Titus James Dominic!

Brandon writes,

Please meet Titus James Dominic! This beautiful baby was born yesterday (9/1) and outweighed everyone’s expectations at 10 lbs 13 oz! He’ll have no problems defending himself against his big sibs, though as you can see they are quite enamored with him! Thank you again for your help naming him! The Holy Spirit led us to Titus and it is a perfect fit we think.”

I think so too! I love all three names, and they make such a strong combination. Well done, Mom and Dad! Congratulations to them and big sibs Mason, Molly, Kateri, Anthony, and Gianna, and happy birthday Baby Titus!!

Titus James Dominic with his besotted big brothers and sisters ❤ (That face!)


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