Birth announcement: Samuel William!

I posted a consultation for Meghan and her husband back in April, and I’m delighted to share that Meghan has let me know her little boy has arrived and been given the so-handsome name … Samuel William!

She writes,

[H]ere he is, Samuel William 😍. Yes, I said no names that started with S and no top 25 but I couldn’t get Sam out of my head and your advice and also seeing comments from your readers helped us along in the decision. Thank you! I lost out on the middle name selection but the boys (Dad, William and son, Benjamin William) wanted to have a shared name like the girls and I do (we all have the middle name Elizabeth). Oh and Ben and Sam share a birthday along with a common middle name so how cool is that?! Thanks again for everything!

I have such a soft spot for Samuel/Sam, and I’m so happy they went with it! I also love the shared William between Dad and his boys (and the shared Elizabeth between Mom and her girls, so great!). Great job Mom and Dad!

Congratulations to Meghan and her husband and big sibs Benjamin, Mae, and Rose, and happy birthday Baby Samuel!!

image1 (27)

Samuel William and his big brother and sisters

5 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Samuel William!

  1. oh my goodness!! I’m absolutely obsessed with this name and this set! SO freaking perfect! Samuel and William are two of my favorite names, and I’m one of those people who just loves seeing their favorites uses!

    I also love the sibling picture! They all look so excited to have another sibling!

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  2. That’s exactly the name I’ve always wanted to give to my own firstborn son! Samuel has been my favorite male name since I was very young, and there are so many wonderful famous Samuels, starting with Samuel the Prophet. William was the middle name of my favorite uncle, who was killed in a car accident when I was eight years old, and is also used a number of other times in my family tree (both as a first and middle name). This baby’s name goes very well with the names of his other siblings.


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