Names for Fr. Solanus Casey over at Catholic Mom!

My October column is up over at! Naming After Fr. Solanus Casey.


I’d love to know if you have additional ideas! Also if you’re going to the Beatification Mass in Detroit next month! (I likely won’t be able to, though my parents and my sister will be there!)

(I’d said last month that my topic this month would be “religious name changes for men,” but I wasn’t able to pull my research together in time. Hopefully next month!)


7 thoughts on “Names for Fr. Solanus Casey over at Catholic Mom!

  1. I’m so sad! I’m from Detroit but can’t go because it’s the weekend before Thanksgiving, which I’m already going home for, so it would be too expensive to fly back and forth so I don’t miss classes 😦

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  2. I have added the name Solanus at Baby Name Wizard. Hopefully people will add siblings of any real-life Solanuses they may know, as well as anything else of interest.

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