10 thoughts on “My AppMtn consultation has posted!

  1. Totally laughing about Barnabas, which my husband loves and I don’t and you TOOK HIS SIDE in our consult! 😂 Such a fun list. I’m glad you got to have someone pay back your wonderful gift for beautiful naming!

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  2. So exciting! I’ll be thinking of some options. I’m impressed that you have kept the same girls name! I have three sons and have had about 6 possibilities for girls names throughout. There are just so many great names out there! Lol. It must be a really meaningful name to stick with it. A testament to great naming!

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      • I’m also impressed that you’ve kept the same name especially since you’ve love names so much. I have trouble committing to the same through a whole pregnancy. My husband on the other hand who doesn’t think much about names (except to humor me) has had the same favorite girl’s name since shortly after our last girl was born 10 years ago.

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