Birth announcement: Boniface Emrys Joseph!

One of our longtime readers, Shelby, has let me know that she and her husband have welcomed their sixth child and fourth son! They gave him the amazing name … Boniface Emrys Joseph!

Shelby writes,

Well, our baby decided to arrive a bit early, per the usual for me, and was born on April 3rd! It’s a baby boy! We did stick with Boniface Emrys Joseph and we are calling him Boniface, Bon and Baby Bon Bon. We are both doing well and were able to come the next day.”

Can you believe what a heavy-hitting name that is?! I love it! Such a bold Catholic name!

He joins his equally awesomely named big sibs:

Aaron Terry Patrick
Catherine Vesper Lissette (called Vesper)
Alastair Edward Ignatius
Isabelle Victoria Bernadette (“called Ivy for her first 2 initials and as a reminder that she was our fourth child whom I miscarried and was born into heaven“)
Edmund Augustine Benedict

What a family! Congratulations to them all, and happy birthday Baby Boniface!!

Boniface Emrys Joseph


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