Birth announcement: Magnus Xavier!

I posted a consultation for Katie and her husband back in March, and Katie has let me know that their baby has been born — a little boy! They gave him the incredible name … Magnus Xavier!

Katie writes,

Matt and I are thrilled to announce the birth of our third child, a BOY (who I was convinced was a girl the entire pregnancy, ha!). We decided to name him Magnus Xavier, with the possible nickname Max. Someone commented on your consultation with the idea of Magnus and we both loved it. When he arrived on Holy Thursday, March 29th, at 9lbs 13oz and our eyes met, he struck my husband and I as a Magnus! We are naming him in honor of the Blessed Mother, and the Magnificat more specifically. Xavier is in honor of St. Francis Xavier, and we’re going with the “egg-ZAY-vee-ur” pronunciation. He joins big sister Julianna Marie, and big brother Matthew Aurelius.

Thank you so much for your ministry!

Magnus Xavier! Possibly nicknamed Max! And they found Magnus in the comments on the post!! mbmom7 and Mary-Agnes both suggested it, with Mary-Agnes specifically mentioning the Magnificat connection. How wonderful!! You guys rock!! If you remember, they specifically wanted a “sanctified version of a viking, gladiator, medieval knight” name, and I think they totally nailed it.

Congratulations to Katie and Matt and big sibs Julianna and Matthew, and happy birthday Baby Magnus!!


Magnus Xavier

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5 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Magnus Xavier!

  1. When I read the title I was so happy to discover that one of my favorite names was chosen for a child!
    And then I realized it was because of the Magnificat, like I suggested 🙂 This totally made my day 🙂
    Congrats on the adorable baby! He’s so cute!

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