Talking naming at Nameberry, and book endorsements

screenshot-06.26.18I have a fun, chatty piece up at Nameberry on naming this baby! Baby Name Challenge: Naming a 7th boy!

Man! It is a challenge! We haven’t made a huge amount of progress since Abby’s consultation for us! I’m 27 weeks today, so we still have time, but I know how fast that time’s going to fly! I think the deadline of, you know, BIRTH will really help us choose … I’ve always worked better with a deadline … I think I’m hung up on trying to find the *perfect* name, which just looks different to my husband than it does to me. It’s not any different than it was with the other boys, but I admit I do feel extra pressure to get it exactly right this time. As if we didn’t the other times! (We did!)

In book news, I wanted to share some of the endorsements it received with you — I think they sell the book as well as or better than I ever could. I’m so grateful for them and humbled by them! Here are the first two pages:



I’ll share the rest of them with you in subsequent posts, a couple pages at a time. If I could also prevail upon any of you who have bought the book to leave a review on Amazon, I would be ever so grateful! Have a great Tuesday!

My book, Catholic Baby Names for Girls and Boys: Over 250 Ways to Honor Our Lady, is now available to order from and Amazon! It’s a perfect for expectant mamas, baby showers, and just because. 🙂 


14 thoughts on “Talking naming at Nameberry, and book endorsements

  1. I suggest you define a strategy to narrow down your choices: do you want a Saint’s name? A Marian name? A Biblical name? A papal name? Do you want it to start with a particular letter?
    Because there are so many good options, and it can feel impossible to make the right decision.
    Some ideas:
    – Anthony – because it’s been so hard to *find* the right name 🙂
    – Jude – similar to Luke, but starting with a J (I think a J name makes sense with your older kids’ initials)
    – Blaise – a little unusual, but not too much, and saintly
    – Philip Neri – you mentioned you like this idea, and since I love this saint too, and it’s a great balance between “normal” and “Catholicky”, I think it could be a winner
    – Vincent – saintly and cool initial
    – Zachary – saintly but well-known
    – Matthew – just because it means “God’s gift”

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  2. Let me just add 2 other ideas: Simon Peter (so Catholic, in my opinion) and David (because it makes sense for a 7th son, like the Biblical David).

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