Follow-up to yesterday’s post: My dad’s picks!

It appears I jumped the gun in yesterday’s post on listing the names my dad would like if he got to choose today, without my mom’s input! He texted me his faves today (not including the ones he’s already chosen with Mom, as he was sure to point out ❤ ), and I was so surprised — pleasantly so! I love being surprised with names!

Yesterday I’d said:

… these are names I remember him talking about since I was little:

— Maureen, nicknamed Mo
— Samantha, nicknamed Sam

— Daniel (not sure about a nickname?)
— Sebastian, nicknamed Seb(by) (Dad often referenced former track and field Olympian [and current British politician] Sebastian Coe when he talked about this name; it was the nicknames Seb and Sebby that he really loved, I’m not convinced the full Sebastian is actually his style)

Dad loves girl names that can have a boyish nickname!

But THESE are the girl names he texted me tonight!


How frilly! How gorgeous! And nary a nickname (boyish or otherwise) in sight! My favorite is Genevieve, because it’s my mom’s Confirmation name — she wasn’t given a middle name, so her Confirmation has a middle-name feel for her. I love it! If we’d had a bunch of girls, I would definitely have tried to work Genevieve in somewhere. ❤

For the boys, he had Daniel and Sebastian, as I’d expected, but he added:


Wow! So much more adventurous than I’d expect! Hamilton is actually a family name for him — a first name of an ancestor — and he’d suggested it to me (with the nickname Hammy) when I was pregnant with Luke, but not only is it not really my taste, I admit I thought he was half joking (especially because of Hammy!). Apparently not! (Not even about Hammy, I’m sure!)

What a fun Saturday night!! 😀

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3 thoughts on “Follow-up to yesterday’s post: My dad’s picks!

  1. I’m actually surprised to see you say a name isn’t to your taste. You are always so positive about people’s choices that I assumed you liked something about every name.😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha awww I love that you have this impression of me!! And I hate that I surprised you! You’re actually right, I truly do like something about almost every name, *especially* when I hear how much someone else loves it. I don’t hate Hamilton at all! I actually think it’s quite distinguished, and one of my favorite of the presidential names. And I can actually see myself really really liking the nickname Hammy — there’s something quite affectionate about it! But Hamilton doesn’t go with my other boys’ names at all, which is all I meant when I said it’s not really my taste. ❤


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