Call for Pro-Life Resources

A reader approached me with an unconventional request, which I’m happy to support and share! She writes,

I want to curate a list of existing free resources in each US state for any and all pro-life issues: for pregnant women, people who are suicidal, adoptions, euthanasia, convicts looking for work, addicts looking for help, etc. For now, I’m thinking just things that can be accessed online and via phone (such as suicide hotlines). Assuming I can come up with a substantive list, I would create a website where you can search for these programs, or find them listed by type or state … I just want to make a place where people can easily find help, whether it’s a private or public program. (I personally needed government aid for my two pregnancies, and it was difficult just to find where to apply for it online.)

This is a monumental task, though, and I would appreciate if you could ask your readers to send links/phone numbers they know of my way.”

This is such a great idea, and I’m betting a lot of you have good info to share! If so, please email Kathleen at

Thank you!! And happy Father’s Day to all the dads in your life!!

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