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You all know I’ve gone on a pilgrimage to a St. Anne shrine every year for the past five years, as a way of saying thank you to St. Anne for her intercession. When my family and I first started doing so, we were still in the time of our parenthood where going on trips was one of the worst things I could think of doing! Remembering those first couple trips, and seeing how much better it’s gotten, inspired my July article for Pilgrimages for Parents of Young Children. I’d love to hear what other tips you would add!


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4 thoughts on “New article on pilgrimages at CatholicMom

  1. Thanks for the encouragement to keep this simple, Kate! I feel like so often the message is to do! all! the! Catholic! Things! and it’s totally refreshing to hear you say- a bunch of kids under 10? No way. Keep it super simple.

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    • I’m so glad you found this helpful! Seriously, for me the simpler the better … the more complicated or difficult, the less likely I’ll find mental wherewithal to do it!


  2. I think to visit other parishes for Stations of the Cross during Lent, and I especially like it if there is an outdoor Stations. Because these are lead yourself I don’t have to worry about my children being too loud to make it difficult for the hard-of-hearing to follow along and running is okay. But the tip with young children is, I just need critical mass. Someone is bound to be cranky or not want to participate, and that is okay. I just need to have the attention of the majority and be content with that.

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    • Oh yes, I love the idea of visiting other parishes for Stations of the Cross! Also: “Someone is bound to be cranky or not want to participate” — yes!! Coming to a peace about that being okay was a long process for me!


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