Birth announcement: Perrin Fae!

I posted a consultation for Kortnee from Studio Senn back in September, and she’s let me know her baby girl has arrived! She and her husband gave her the gorgeous name … Perrin Fae!

Kortnee writes,

We welcomed baby girl last Friday and I thought I would follow up to let you know what we decided on for a name!

We landed on Perrin Fae! While we both loved Peregrine for awhile (and feel very called to ask his intercession these days as we know so many who could use his prayers), we ultimately decided maybe it wasn’t the right fit for our naming style. However, we still really liked the nickname she would have had and decided that was a good way to honor Saint Peregrine and give her a namesake. We used the traditional spelling you mentioned. Even though it’s masculine historically, if feels feminine to me since I know a woman with that name.

The boys are smitten with her and no less than a dozen times a day I have to peel Becket away from her.

Thank you for helping us think through this naming process! It was much harder this time around!

I love Perrin Fae!! What a gorgeous name that fits in perfectly with this family’s naming style!!

Congratulations to Kortnee and her hubby and big brothers Fulton and Becket, and happy birthday Baby Perrin!!

Perrin Fae with her big brothers ❤

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3 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Perrin Fae!

  1. Congratulations ! I wonder if you were aware « Perrine » is actually a feminine only French name? From what I gather it’s linked to « Pierre » (Peter) not Peregrin, but we all agree it’s the intention that counts!

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    • I know that Kortnee likes the surnamey style, so I’m sure Perrine wouldn’t be quite to her taste, while Perrin fits in really well. She knows that spelling is related to Peter, while sounding like the beginning of/nickname for Peregrine, so it’s a pretty cool two-for-one!


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