Birth announcement: Arthur Paul!

The consultation I did for Julia (longtime readers will recognize her handle: ethelfritha) and her husband almost four years ago was so fun to work on and one that I frequently refer to in my consultations for other families, and the subsequent birth announcement was so satisfying. Catholic geek names are so fun! I’m thrilled to share that Julia’s let me know she’s had another baby — a handsome little boy she and her hubby gave the fantastic name … Arthur Paul!

Julia writes,

We recently had our 4th geek baby and I thought you might be interested in his name: Arthur Paul.

Unlike all our other babies (Petra Jeanne, Corwin Matthias, and Theo Peregrin), this one was Arthur basically from the minute we found out he was a boy. And yes–he is absolutely named after King Arthur! 😁😁

It took us a long time to come up with a middle name. We even tossed around pretty extra names like “Arthur Ulysses” and “Arthur Aurelius.” But we kept coming back to Paul, a name which was on my husband’s radar because of the new Dune movie coming out (the main character is named Paul). When Arthur was born we took one look and said “he’s an Arthur Paul.” And what a great patron saint, too!

One extra fun saintly thing is that he was born at 5:45 PM on the vigil of St. Joan of Arc — our family patroness! She is always watching out for us!

Ahhh I love this!! The “pretty extra names” part made me laugh! I love how peaceful and happy these parents were with their first name choice from the beginning, and how perfect the middle name fell into place once he was born. Fantastic job!

Congratulations to Julia and her husband and big sibs Petra, Corwin, and Theo, and happy birthday Baby Arthur!!


Arthur Paul

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7 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Arthur Paul!

  1. 😍 I love the geeky backstory for their picks, but also, Arthur Paul is just straight up a handsome name.
    This has nothing to do with this little one’s awesome name, but I’m reading “Say Nothing” at the moment, and a family featured in it has an Arthur nicked Archie and a Thomas nicked Tucker. Is this something common with the Irish?
    Anyways, congrats Julia!

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  2. Love it! I think we have a similar style. Our first is Arthur Matthias; we chose both names for pretty much the same reasons that Julia gave in her letters! And yes, Aurelius (and Ambrose) were contenders for the middle name spot.

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  3. Congrats! The name, of course, is a perfect addition to the sibset, but I’m especially glad to see a photo of his baptism! I’ve been seeing so many birth announcements here on the blog, and I was wondering if these babies got a chance of being baptized, with all the Covid-19 restrictions…
    Anyway, Arthur looks absolutely adorable and I’m loving the sunflower dress mom is wearing, because I think ethelfritha’s profile picture was a sunflower, if I remember correctly.


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