Lilibet Diana, and honor names

I posted briefly on Twitter and Instagram yesterday when I heard the news about the birth of Harry and Meghan’s daughter and quickly received the most IG likes and comments I’ve had in a while! Some people love the baby’s name, while others have been driven to deeper depths of anger at H and M than they were before the baby was born. I’d love to know what you think!

I’m also thinking quite a bit about what makes a name an honor name, and when an honor name does the exact opposite. If you have thoughts and/or personal experiences on that topic, I’d love to hear that too!

As for me, my initial reaction upon hearing the name was to be absolutely stunned at how very perfect I thought it was. I’m always delighted at being surprised by a name, and I was thoroughly and happily surprised by Lilibet Diana. Though I’ve since thought more about the possible negative aspects of it, I continue to love it.

Please share your thoughts!


10 thoughts on “Lilibet Diana, and honor names

  1. I like it! I had a similar reaction of surprise. I think Archie and Lili sounds great together.

    I used my Grandfather’s nickname for a middle name for my son. I see it as another way to honor someone you love. There’s a sweetness and tenderness with a familiar name.

    As a note, I don’t have a strong feeling about H & M if that impacts how people interpret the name. Like many family disputes, no one on the outside really understands their experiences and I know that I couldn’t live under that pressure.

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  2. I think the name is lovely and that they meant it as an honor name and as a way to get the nickname they wanted, which is fine with me. However, I think that while choosing a private family nickname would be perfectly acceptable for most families, the royal family is not most families, and I think that it probably seems very rude to royalists and likely to the royal family itself.

    As for honor names, I think that intention matters more than being exactly the same name. You did a consultation for our Molly in 2018, and we gave her the middle name Jean for my grandmother who didn’t like her given name Eugenia. We are giving the currently gestating baby an honor name, but if she’s a girl, most people wouldn’t understand the connection.

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    • I agree. I doubt we’d know if the Queen was displeased, but saying that she is pleased should be enough for everyone. We’ll never know if H explained exactly how he was going to honor HRM. I think that people would have complained no matter what they did.

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  3. I was absolutely delighted by their use of Lilibet! I am American, and my knowledge of their naming etiquette isn’t much. I say kudos to them for choosing a name that gives them a fresh nickname while honoring both the baby’s grandmother and great grandmother.
    I read somewhere that some were disappointed because it’s just Princess Charlotte’s middle names. This doesn’t bother me at all. Lottie obviously comes from Charles and Lili obviously comes from Elizabeth. Both H and W got to honor their mother and grandmother while giving them each their own name.

    The nickname as a given name also doesn’t bother me. It fits in with Archie and Archie and Lili are adorable together.

    I think an honor name works as long as it brings to mind the person you’re wanting to honor. This is especially true if you’re fine with no one but yourself understanding the connection. Obviously, this doesn’t apply to M&H.

    For example, I plan to use Isabel as a middle name to honor a Betty, Mabel, Bell and Irene x3. I had to explain even the Betty connection, so it’s safe to say only I will think of family every time I see/say it, and that’s just fine with me.

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