Baby name consultation: Older three-syllable name needed for baby girl no. 3

Happy Veterans Day! Thanks to all who have served our country, including both my grandfathers, several uncles, a cousin, and friends. Here’s a lovely prayer for today. And enjoy this consultation from Theresa Zoe Williams!

Mama Corinne writes in asking for help with baby #4’s name. She’s the third girl! Baby joins big siblings:

Adelaide Therese “Addie”

Eleanor Chiara

Fulton Joseph

She writes,

The girls each have their patron saint as their middle name and we’d like to continue that tradition with Edith for Edith Stein.  I am also open to Benedicta as a middle name from her Carmelite name, but my husband is less thrilled.”

They love the name Lucy but are worried it’s become too popular now.

She says,

I do like that both girls have 3 syllable names, even if Addie’s is shortened. Obviously we like old names, nothing too popular or trendy. We are fine with nicknames if they fit.”

One name she likes but doesn’t feel right is Magdalene called Maggie.

First, thoughts on Lucy. It is pretty popular at #49. What about long form Luciana? It ranks at #405 and is longer, like their other girls’ names (although it’s 4 syllables instead of 3). There’s also the 3 syllable Lucinda, which hasn’t been in the top 1000 since 1987. Both of these could get to Lucy easily and I think both sound nice with Edith (or Benedicta!).

She also mentioned Magdalene but wondered if Maggie is too close to Addie. I don’t think so! If it bothers them, though, they could also call her Madga instead.

On to new suggestions!

(1) Angeline

I really love this one for them as it’s 3 syllables, has a vowel beginning like the other girls, can shorten to Angie if they really want, and hasn’t been in the top 1000 since 2015. It’s for the angels, and I’m writing this up on the feast of the Archangels and little girl is due near the feast of the guardian angels. Angeline Edith has a nice ring and flow, too.

(2) Clementine

This name means “merciful, gentle” which I just love for a little girl. It currently ranks at #610, so not very popular and not really trendy, either. If the association with the fruit bothers them, they can pronounce it “clem-uhn-teen”. Clementine Edith is really cute.

(3) Germaine

I know baby girl already has a patroness but St. Germaine Cousin would be a great secondary patron! It hasn’t ranked the top 1000 for girls since 1963, so it’s definitely more classic, underused, and not trendy. I always thought Mae would be such a sweet nickname for Germaine, but there’s also Ger and Geri. Germaine Edith sounds so clunky cool to me, too.

These are my thoughts. What do you think?

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11 thoughts on “Baby name consultation: Older three-syllable name needed for baby girl no. 3

  1. Lots of 3 syllable ideas: Annabelle, Bethany, Julia, Juliet, Maria, Naomi, Susannah, Viola, Gwendolyn, Helena, Regina, Miriam, Zinnia, Rosalind, Agatha, Caroline, Cecily, Harriet, Philippa, Sylvia

    I think Lucy Edith/Benedicta is beautiful and full of meaning!

    Maggie could possibly be short for Marigold, Magnolia, and of course all forms of Margaret as well.


  2. I like the name Lucienne as a formal name for Lucy (or Luci).

    To continue with the pattern of girls’ names starting with a vowel, Isabel or Irena sound nice with Edith.

    Lucienne Edith
    Isabel Edith — lots of nickname possibilities with Isabel
    Irena Edith — Rena (long e sound) or Reenie are possible nicknames


  3. Isabel Edith
    Imogen Edith
    Marigold Edith
    Rebecca Edith
    Camilla Edith
    Julia Edith
    Caroline Edith
    Sophia Edith
    Rosalie Edith
    Philipa Edith


  4. I love your suggestion for Mae as a nickname for Germaine! My grandfather was named Germaine and it has always been on my list for girl names!!


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