Baby name consultation: Classic but unique name with an adventurous feel for a baby boy

You guys! Two consultations in one week! Woo! This one is by Sancta Nomina’s other consultant, Theresa Zoe Williams (if you’d like your own consultation from her, email her at This baby is going to be born this week or next — your feedback is very helpful for these expectant parents!

Mama Briana writes in for a mini consultation:

We are expecting our 5th child in the next week or two. Short notice! We don’t know the gender but are very decided on a girl name, but not a boy name. Cora Marie (heart of Mary) will be the girl name!

The only potential name for a boy is Theodore Charles (my dad’s middle name)

Our other children’s names are:

Jude Pier

Gabe Wallace 

Milo Francis (twin)

Pia Claire (twin)

I like classic but unique names. For boys especially, we are going for “soldier”/adventure theme

Other names we’ve considered:

  • Naomi (girl)
  • Croix (boy)”

First, my thoughts on the name they sort of like, Theodore Charles. Theodore is a great name and has a similar feel and style to their other kids. I like that Charles honors Brianna’s father. However, it doesn’t feel too “soldiery” or adventurous of a name. I love that they’re considering Croix and think it would be amazing in the middle spot. You want adventurous? That’s adventurous!

But let’s move on to new suggestions and see if something sticks out.

(1) Andrew

He was one of the Apostles and is the patron saint of Army Rangers. He was also the first Apostle to hear Jesus’s preaching and called his brother Simon (Peter) to come listen, too. Lots of adventure going on with this name! Because of his association with the military, I thought this would be great name for them. Perhaps they’d like the nickname version Drew even more? Andrew/Drew Charles and Andrew/Drew Croix are both amazing combos!

(2) Bruno

St. Bruno founded the Carthusian order and that’s pretty adventurous! This name was a style match for some of their other kids and the name means “armor, protection” (or “brown”) which made me think this would be a great fit for them! It’s a little more unusual, but not unheard of, and has a built-in reference to “soldiers”. I really love this name with their other kids. Bruno Charles is a great combo.

(3) Sebastian

St. Sebastian is the patron saint of the military in general and the Army specifically because he was a soldier! This name also has a similar feel and style to their other kids, which made me think this would be a great fit. Sebastian Charles is super handsome and Sebastian Croix is elegant and adventurous!

(4) George

I thought of this name because St. George was a soldier who slew a dragon. He’s also a patron saint of the military. This name is a little more buttoned-up than their other kids but I think it still fits. George Charles is classic and masculine, George Croix is unexpected and cool, and George Theodore is modern and fun.

(5) Luke

I initially thought maybe they’d like Luca but that didn’t quite seem to fit with their other kids. In my research, I found that St. Luke is the patron saint of military physicians and thought what a cool “soldier” connection that is! Luke was also a style match for a few of their other kids so I went with Luke over Luca. The name also means “light” which can be a cool adventure tie-in: “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” (John 1:5).

These are my thoughts. What do you think?

I’m back on hiatus from doing consultations (though check back from time to time, as I hope to open up a few spots here and there as I’m able), but Theresa Zoe Williams is available to help you! Email her at to set up your own consultation! (Payment methods remain the same.)

For help with Marian names, my book, Catholic Baby Names for Girls and Boys: Over 250 Ways to Honor Our Lady (Marian Press, 2018), is available to order from and Amazon (not affiliate links). It’s perfect for expectant parents, name enthusiasts, and lovers of Our Lady!


5 thoughts on “Baby name consultation: Classic but unique name with an adventurous feel for a baby boy

  1. I love what you did with the twins’ middle names: Francis and Claire, so cute and saintly!
    For this baby, I think Theodore is too long, compared to the other names.
    Some ideas:

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  2. Archer would be a good soldier name! I know a little Archer and it’s adorable but also will age well. He sometimes goes by the nickname Ace. Best of luck!

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  3. Walter nn Walt. With Wallace already used, it may not work for them.
    Callan and Casey have meanings relating to battle
    Charles nn Huck
    Zeke and Wes seem to fit the established and short feel of Jude and Gabe


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