Birth announcement: Agnes Marie-Josephine!

Theresa Zoe Williams did a consultation for Mama Lucy back in October, and she let us know that her baby has been born and given the wonderful name … Agnes Marie-Josephine!

Lucy writes,

We have never had such a hard time naming a baby. We even had settled on Zelie and Lily at separate times, and at one point my husband even wrote Lily on the hospital board, but it immediately felt wrong.

Agnes was a name we had talked about early in the pregnancy. I mentioned it again, and my husband was instantly on board. He really wanted the middle name to be Marie-Flannery after Flannery O’Connor, but he caved to Marie-Josephine because we both loved the possibility of calling her Aggie Jo. (Our 18 month old can say “Aggie Jo” perfectly. I could Listen to her say it all day.)

Marie-Flannery is swoon-worthy, too! Maybe another baby another day… (Note from Kate: Their other girls have a hyphenated Marie- double middle as well — I love that!!)

Lucy writes,

I love all of the saints in her name. St. Agnes is so perfect for a baby girl. Mary Mother of God and St. Josephine Bakhita. All powerhouses. I also like to think the Josephine is partially for St. Joseph because I was in the middle of the Consecration when we learned I was pregnant with her. My paternal great-grandmother was also Agnes, called Aggie. She died when I was very young, but I asked my grandfather about her recently and his immediate response was ‘she was a living saint.’ I thought it was so beautiful that her now 80+ year old son would remember her that way.”

This is incredibly sweet and such a great connection for baby Agnes!

Welcome to the world Agnes Marie-Josephine and congratulations to Mom and Dad and big siblings Michael, Clara, and Gianna!

Agnes Marie-Josephine with her family ❤

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2 thoughts on “Birth announcement: Agnes Marie-Josephine!

  1. Congrats to baby Agnes Marie-Josephine!
    You’re almost my name twin!
    And that baptismal gown is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!


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